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How To Order

The store is specialized in Italian handicraft and so our products could change sometimes in colors, sizes and shape. Our products could also have different times of realization due to the different materials used on productions.

Please note that all prices of items and their shipping costs are expressed in € , vat not included and for shipments abroad any customs duties and taxes of the recipient's country are paid by the customer.
All prices are subject to changes in the time

For this reason we suggest you to follow this rules if you want to buy one or most of our products.

1) Choose products of your interest by clicking on the button “Products” which are divided into the categories.

2) In order to purchase the product click on the blue shopping cart located on the top right, to see otherwise all the details or click on the small description. This will open the details of the product where you will find the botton “Add to Cart”. Some products contains variants. All version are displayed below the main product. To purchase the “Product variant” click on the picture or the link “product detail” you will get a card identical to the main product and you will find the button “Add to cart”.

3) Once choosing the product will open your shopping card and you can change it. Here you can:
- clicking on “Continue shopping” you can choose other products.
- clicking on the “Proceed with the purchase” will open the registration screen. If you are not registered click on “Fill out the registration form and fill out the form. If you have already registered enter “Username” and “Password” and enter in your card. Here you can request further information and you should choose the preferred method of payment that may be used for purchase. Below you can return to the basket and edit it while press “Buy Now” will be sent for your booking request to “L'ARTIGIANATO”.

4) At this point in the short term you will receive an e-mail where you will find a summary of your reservation with all the informations: Availability of products – Delivery – Shipping – Vat (if applicable) – Procedures for how to pay.

5) Now you can decide whether to make the payment and then buy products.

6) Not just “L'ARTIGIANATO” will be checked and verified the actual payment will ship purchased items.


On our website you can buy with credit card through or througt bank trasfer circuit according to your preference.
The ensures a high standard of securuty in transactions and service efficiency so that it is now know and used worldwide (for more information visit
Credit card accepted:
If you prefer to pay by bank transfer we will notify all the necessary data.
Please note that all prices of items and their shipping costs are expressed in € , vat not included and for shipments abroad any customs duties and taxes of the recipient's country are paid by the customer.
All prices are subject to changes in the time.

Personal Data:


Surfing into our website doesn't require any registration, infact all the products descriptions have a free access it's necessary, instead, to write your own data when you are going to purchase, but this doesn't mean that you are obliged to buy anything, infact your data will be used by “L' ARTIGIANATO” to send you an e-mail to confirm the availability of the products and the delivery costs. . These data are treated according to the law for the safeguard of people towards the treatment of personal data (legislative decree n° 196 30.6.2003). Known also as Privacy law. Personal data are treated to allow us to fulfil all the administrative and fiscal procedures required (company statistical data, contract feedback, contract executions); Customer can take advantage of the rights provided in section 13 of legislative decree n° 196 30.06.2003, that is to say he can address himself to Soc. Ro.Ma. s.n.c. for information, changes or cancellations of his personal data, and he has the right to oppose partially or totally to the treatment of his personal data by means of a written communication sent to the company head office.



For the orders on-line the “L'ARTIGIANATO” will deliver the goods through the international express courier UPS / MAIL BOXES ETC / DHL / SDA in order to guarantee the gratest speed and the best attention at the utmost degree absistence, quality and speed.
For delivery throughout Italy goods will be delivered directly at the customers' home through the express courier UPS / MAIL BOXES ETC / DHL / SDA
For delivery abroad goods will be delivered directly at the customers' home through the express courier UPS / MAIL BOXES ETC / DHL /SDA




To avoid damages to the products during transport, “L'ARTIGIANATO” insures its shipping. If the product is damaged:

1) Customers are kindly requested to call the local UPS / MAIL BOXES ETC / DHL customer service, stating the shipping number and damages in detail.

2) Customer must keep the package entirely in order to show it to the UPS / MAIL BOXES ETC / DHL appointee giving a clear description of the goods and of the package at the moment of delivery.

3) “L'ARTIGIANATO” should be informed by a fax or an e-mail, containing all the data of the customer and of the shipment, in order to obtain a quick solution of the insurance file

4) The UPS / MAIL BOXES ETC / DHL appointee, in order to open the insurance file, will be authorized to check the damage of the goods, at the customer's house.

5) As soon as the insurance practice is closed, the “L'ARTIGIANATO” will deliver free the substituted items (in case of shipment abroad the customer will have to pay again duties and taxes of our country).

Right to withdraw:


Selling on-line is regulated by the legislative decree n° 185 of 22.05.99 that rules distance contracts, that is to say selling outside commercial stores. This law foresees the right to withdraw or the possibility for the customer to return the ordered products for a full refund. This right is reserved to natural consumers only, so it can't be exercised by juridical persons. To assert the right to withdraw you have to follow these conditions:

1) To send to Soc. Ro.Ma. s.n.c. whithin 10 (ten) days from receipt of your order a registered letter or a fax, or e-mail in where is declared the will of making use of the recession right.

2) To return the product through any courier at the customer's choice and at his charge

3) To send the product and the original invoice to de following address: Soc. Ro.Ma. s.n.c. - Piazza Navona n° 84 - 00186 Roma - Italia - Tel/Fax (+39) 066874476

4) We remind you that the law above mentioned foresees the refound only for amounts superior to € 25,82 (twentyfive/82) accessory expenses net.

5) The customer will have to indicate all data relative to his bank account in order to receive a bank transfer and all data of his credit card ( name, surname, date of birth, address, e-mail, card number and expiring date) for credit entry.

NOTES: Since we sell handicraft items and we use manual work (that will never guarantee the machinery perfection) the Ro.Ma. s.n.c.,will never be able to consider flaws or damages those resulting from normal handicraft processing. If the customer wants to make use of the recession right he will have to send a written communication by fax or e-mail together with a photo of the product, his data, invoice number and description of the flaw. As soon as Soc. Ro.Ma. s.n.c. receives the above mentioned elements, it will send explanations about the pointed out flaw. Replacements and credit entries are subject to a technical test from the Soc. Ro.Ma. s.n.c. Should there be any carriage forward it will be refused by Soc. Ro.Ma. s.n.c. If the goods are returned in bad condition, damaged or broken no refound will be paid to the customer who has asserted the right to withdraw.


Deleting Order:


“L'ARTIGIANATO” reserves itself the right to cancell the order if the customer, after 7 (seven) days from receipt of the e-mail stating availability of requested products and shipping charges, doesn't fulfill the pertinent payment.
Applicable laws, jurisdiction and competent Court:
This contract will be regulated and interpreted according to Italian laws and it will be subject to Italian jurisdiction only. It is agreed that any proceedings, concerning this contract, will be Jurisdiction of the competent Court of Rome (Italy).


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