The idea of a shop specialising in gift items, home furnishings and Italian craftsmanship in general dates back to 1999, when our family decided to open this kind of shop in the historic centre of Rome.

We were thinking of a shop filled with items that are special, sought after, original, but also often useful, if not even necessary. We want our items to fulfil that typically human desire: the satisfaction in owning something that we like, that allows us to bring happiness to someone dear to us or that can simply be useful and make our everyday life more comfortable at home or wherever we are.

In 2000, the work of setting up and preparing the venue began. In 2001, we finally opened to the public: first in the historic location of Piazza Madama, 6 and then in 2008, in the current location of Piazza Navona 84, one of the most beautiful and famous historic squares in Rome.

As soon as you enter, you will immediately feel at ease, in a beautiful and welcoming environment, made even warmer and more familiar with classic decor and experienced and helpful staff. In addition to the must-have Capodimonte porcelain, you will find traditional artistic ceramics, Murano glass and more modern design companies including Alessi, Bialetti and La Pavoni as well as many souvenirs and mementoes. In short, a shop for everyone: children, teenagers and people of all ages, as evidenced by the many customers who come to visit us not only from Italy but from all over the world.

In the beginning, we had almost exclusively typical Italian artisanal products with companies that were not very well known to the general public, but that certainly proposed something interesting and different from the norm. Over time, also following customer requests and new products on the market, we included international companies, diversifying our proposals while always maintaining high product value and quality.

Today, as in the past, many of the items we offer can be customised on request by the manufacturer, thereby giving you the opportunity to enjoy a truly unique object. In addition, the items we feature are often chosen by us personally by visiting the location where they are made, looking and really touching the product or visiting trade fairs, markets and events throughout Italy and Europe.

The result of our ongoing commitment over the years is the possibility today of offering you a vast selection of items, an infinite amount of gift ideas, a complete overview of the world of craftsmanship or even, simply, the opportunity to spend some of your free time in a pleasant way, enjoying unforgettable moments between the wonders of our shop and those of ancient Rome.