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L'Artigianato is your gift shop where you can buy handicraft Italian items and handcrafted gifts for all occasions. The gift ideas proposed in our shop are suitable for all styles, from classic to modern, and satisfy the tastes of lovers of decorative household objects and Italian handmade. The wide selection of products varies from a classic style (with furnishings in ceramic, glass and fine porcelain) to a more refined, modern and designer form (such as coffee makers and kitchen accessories). 

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The search for an original gift idea can be long and difficult. Finding the right object that expresses our affection, and that gives happiness to those who receive it is a task that requires time and dedication. L'Artigianato facilitates this task through an extensive online range of objects, handiworks and gift from Italy that satisfies all tastes. 
A gift expresses affection for your partner, for your mum, for your dad and for all those we love, it is, therefore, important to be familiar with their tastes and ideas if you want to genuinely amaze them. In the gift shop you will also find fun, attractive and originally-shaped items designed to impress during the most important festivities and celebrations: Christmas, Valentine's Day, Birthday, etc. Many of our loyal customers choose to treat themselves to a gift to decorate their home or give a modern and elegant look to their table. The artigianato online shop is the right choice for any occasion.

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The "made in Italy craft shop" is located in Rome

The craft shop was created to satisfy everyone's desires; this is why the shop is always supplied with products from the best Italian and international brands, popular and appreciated all over the world. Our customers choose to visit us in Piazza Navona, to admire the city's beauty and take home a souvenir of the eternal city. The Rome craft shop is located in one of the most beautiful squares to visit, the intersection of many famous attractions.
L'Artigianato is also an online shop and can ship all over the world, bringing the tradition of Italian craftspeople wherever you want it. The rich assortment of gift items for the home and craft gift ideas are sure to satisfy everyone. Among the "made in Italy" products, you will not only find table and kitchen accessories but also ceramics, porcelain, artistic glass and furnishing accessories of exceptional beauty.

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